Doubtful love

When Fashion meets Theatre

I am always thinking about our marriage,
what's kind of ring should I buy?
what's kind of suit should I wear?
what's kind of marriage vow should I say?

But... when it comes, I feel scared about all of them


Story behind the stage

"Doubtful love" is the modernism musical created by the team in China and Taiwan, this inspiring musical was shown in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Taipei, and more than twenty cities in China and Taiwan; the critical thinking in the musical makes the audience rethink about their definition of marriage and earn lots of appreciation and positive feedback.

In the musical, we also invited the famous Taiwanese singer Rachael Liang and Shino Lin to join with us; they play the angles in the musical to guide the frustrating men and women to feel the truth of love and find the passion and motivation in their relationship.