Who is this guy ?


WEI-YU is a fashion designer based in the Netherlands from Master of art in fashion design, ArtEZ university of arts in the Netherlands.

He believes “Tradition is avant-garde, local is global”, he tries to transfer the culture and old handcrafts into the modern design and go beyond the exploration of humanities and traditional crafts to embrace the concept of sustainable fashion, which brings together excellent fashion creations and social fashion that are embedded with historical impressions and future prospects.

For him, fashion is not only clothing, accessories or luxury brands. Fashion is how we see our world, living with the attitudes we believe in and sharing viewpoints to find out better solutions to benefit others.

Fashion really destroy the connection between garments and human beings, I would love to rebuild it up through my works.
Press: Redress (English version)
10th, September, 2018

Fashion is not only clothing, magazines, fashion icons but also can be a tool to interact with human beings and also educate to benefit.
Press: Da-Ai TV (Mandarin version)
9th, July, 2018