Color Field

2018 Sustainable Capsule collection
Color is not only the visual stimulation, but color also has its meaning;
We have Red for passion and drama
Orange for encouragement, Yellow for optimism
Green for growth and health, Blue for trust
Violet for spirituality, Black for mystery

I combine my illustration with the garment embrace the concept
from 2D to 3D then go back to 2D images


Designer talk about how he turns the textile waste into fashion from Da-Ai TV “The journey of clothing“ Episode 7


Artists use the color field to show their subconscious emotion; they will start from the patchwork for the composition. Some artists like Yi Tao keep the trace of painting brush for maintaining humanity. This project is mainly exploring the relationship between color blocks and pattern design. Color is not only the visual stimulation, but color also has its meaning;

The voice from color

Colors have their voice and spirit;

these are deeply rooted in our mind based on the previous screen, experience and memories, I would love to use our human nature to discover it rather than using educating system or hands to do so.


Photographer: Dongdong Qiao (London, UK)
Stylist: Hsuan Teng Chang (London, UK)
Special thanks: Fu Jen Catholic University (Taiwan), Zhao-Hua Ho (Taiwan), Jocelyn Chen (Taiwan), Shing Luen Liou(Taiwan)…

Thanks all of you to share this colorful journey with me


The journey of clothing

The Taiwanese sustainable fashion designer, HUNG WEIYU, was interviewed by the press Da-Ai TV talks about his eco-friendly design methods to benefit our society, environment and how he turns the textile wastes into the new design.