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memories of you

“Rhyme; memories of you” is a sustainable womenswear fashion collection from WEIYU HUNG and presented in HongKong Fashion Week in September 2018. This collection also nominated as the finalist of 2018 Redress Design Awards which is the largest and most influential sustainable design awards all over the world.


Fashion Anthropologist

“Fashion anthropologist” is an interdisciplinary project with handicraft research institute, art school, and designers; we want to share the story and introduce the innovative tree bark textile —“ from bark to spark, from useless to useful, from abandoned material to new life and sharing identity through the material “ based on the traditional handicraft in Austronesian community.


Erasmus Sustainability Day 2019

Designer HUNG WEI-YU is invited to give a seminar at Erasmus University in Rotterdam to talk about his footprints as a designer and how he work beyond sustainability, innovation from tradition and his design.

Life is composed of a series of coincidences, but “who we are“ is not like this.

I would love to invite you to know me as a designer, my culture and the footprints of my life secretly, privately with love and care.

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